Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs

John Davidson, Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs, Chairman

Davey Larmour, Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs, Treasurer

Harry Beckinsale, Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs, Public Relations Officer

The Federation exists to cater for the needs of private member non profit-making clubs in Northern Ireland. Acting as a lobbying body in all matters related to legislation and regulations pertaining to clubs they have seen their profile increase in recent years, due to their endeavours to have the harsh legislation, placed on the club sector, reduced to create a more level playing field. Other sectors are afforded the benefit of working within the established business and accountancy format, in line with the recommendations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, something the club sector would find more acceptable.


An Executive Committee established on a basis which reflects all the traditions within Northern Ireland society, is headed by John Davidson, Chairman, David Larmour, Treasurer and Harry Beckinsale, Public Relations Officer. In addition, area representatives located throughout the province include: Brian McCartney (Assistant Chairman), Jim Hanna (Assistant Treasurer), Billy Kane (Assistant Secretary), Raymond Connor, Thomas McMinn, Gerry Gallagher, Jim Wilson, Philip Mallon, Joe Patterson, Dessie Moore and Jim McCaul.


Benefits of membership include a helpline service, advice on a range of issues to include employment, health & safety and clubs legislation to name but a few.


The Federation continues to actively lobby for improved legislation via which to benefit the sporting and recreational ethos of clubs throughout Northern Ireland, working in tandem with respective sporting organisations to include Sport N.I., the Northern Ireland Sports Forum, GAA Ulster branch the Golfing Union and others.


Our presence as one of the largest groups on the board of the Confederation of Registered Clubs Association (CORCA) maintains an awareness of issues effecting private member clubs nationally. Indeed many of the issues we have addressed have assisted CORCA on similar matters in the remainder of the UK.


We are pleased to have established an excellent association with those suppliers servicing the private member club sector and encourage our members to, where and when possible, utilise the services they provide.


Editorial on numerous important issues, related to clubs, are published in each issue of CLUB REVIEW, the official voice of the Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs. Other editorial items feature the minutes of executive meetings and meetings in which Federation delegates are involved in debate on behalf of member clubs.


The annual membership fee remains at only £50.